Image of bench on the porch, with one end of the bench top opened.

A new bench from some old planter boxes

August 12, 2013

Last year I built three 3′ long planter boxes from 2×4’s. The planters worked out well but the plants I grew in them were not well suited for the sun exposure on my balcony (Eastern exposure, very direct and hot). Im trying a potted garden this year so I can move plants around depending on the weather (something that wasnt possible in the heavy 3 foot planters).

I love the way the 2×4’s weathered over the winter so I dismantled the planters and worked up this simple design. I was able to incorporate several old 2×2′ and a couple left over pressure treated 1.5″ rails. I now have much less scrap wood on my balcony and a nifty new 6′ bench with built in storage! The only down side is finding more weathered 2×4’s to make additional benches/plant stands. Hit me up if you have any and live in the DC area!

Image of bench strips being grouped together for the front and the back of the new bench

Image of bench framed out without the top added. Bracer bars showing

Image of bench ALMOST done. Just one jagged edge left to be trimmed on one side of the bench

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  1. Caroline says:

    cool! I am waiting for my first print issue of Godmund Schick Living.

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