image of new painted feature wall in my living room

Bring some sun into the living room

February 16, 2014

I have a large inset wall in my living room that i’ve been struggling with. My living room is a bit dark for half of the day so I wanted to paint this wall yellow. I bought a few quarts of different yellows (each has a different finish) but couldn’t settle on any of them. Yellow is a tricky color for a large space like this. It can start to get annoying if its too high chroma but if its not sunny enough it begins to feel heavy. I started painting a few swatches of each on the wall to watch how the color felt different times of the day.

image of yellow fragmented feature wall in the living room

The process didn’t get me any closer to picking a single color but it did make me curious what the wall would look like with more ‘swatches’ on it. After about 20 layers I stopped. I like the result. Its sunny without being annoying and spaced enough to avoid appearing ‘heavy’. This is probably not going to last more than a few months. But for the time being i’m enjoying the fractured, sunny wall.

Image of yellow sunny fractured feature wall in living room from


image of yellow sunny fractured feature wall in living room on

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  1. Cheree says:

    I like the effect, Godmund. It looks bright and fun. Like an oversized art piece.

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