The Homemade Sofa

February 18, 2013


Sometimes you just need a sofa. Most of my life i’ve been opposed to owning sofas (at least the ones I can afford). Most sofas are rather large, unweildy, and take up more space than their intended purpose should warrant. But if anyone wants to buy me one of those mid century modern sofas from Mad Men i’m fine with shifting my opinions :-) .

Fortunately, im in a position to have many guests at the apartment for parties and dinners. So having a place to sit is an inescapable need. This project was a compromise between what I really wanted and what I actually could afford. The final bill for this sofa was about 200 dollars and 30 hours of work.

The sections are made from 3/4″ ┬ábirch veneer plywood, the front panels are raw masonite, the cushions are high density upholstery foam, and the fabric is from G st. fabrics upholstery ends.

The masonite panels hide storage. Each of the sections are designed to be reposition-able. Sleeps one adult comfortably.

DSC_0251 DSC_0250 DSC_0248

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  1. Caroline says:

    Cool! I want to see some in-progress pictures. and you should hang some of your artwork above the couch!

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