PigeonNote bindery launched! (finally)

December 6, 2012

Since early last year I have been working part time to create a small bindery with my friend Karen. We finally launched PigeonNote a couple weeks ago and are now open for business online. It’s been a long 19 month journey and for the last 4 months we were, what felt like, ‘two weeks to launch’ perpetually. But all the hard work, late nights, business hurdles and creative bottlenecks have been worth it. We have a small company we are proud of that makes products we personally love. Right now PigeonNote is producing handmade journals, cards, and papercrafts here in the DC area using American made, responsibly sourced paper. In the near future we will expand to micro publishing of art books and niche titles.

The focus of our work at PigeonNote is high quality, simply designed paper work that immediately feels familiar, yet has enough originality that it’s worth special consideration. I hope you’ll browse the shop today and give us some feedback when you get a chance (either on this post or on the pigeonnote blog). We plan to launch new products routinely (and probably discontinue products just as frequently) so stay tuned to product and company developments on the PigeonNote blog notes.pigeonnote.com!!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. amber psora (hill) says:

    good for you Godmund, sounds very interesting!!! can I ask how you chose your companies name?

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