How to get rid of a christmas tree in your appartment

January 21, 2013

Im the worst when it comes to taking down my christmas decorations. This year I made it a goal to get everything squared away before Martin Luther King day. And somewhat luckily, I came down with a bad cold that has kept me at home. So this year, everything ‘worked out’.

I thought I would do a post about how an apartment dweller gets rid of a 8 ft tree. I basically ‘dexter’ it, trim off the branches, cut down the trunk, sweep up the needles and bag it up. Easily fits into 5-6 bags and can be thrown away in your buildings trash (Although bring the bags down to the trash room, its a very bad idea to put pine needles in a trash chute).

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  1. Heather M says:

    Your tree stand is so cute! And I love the ornaments you made. Also enjoying the randomness of juggling clubs in the bg…

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