Two Mysterious Japanese Pumpkins

October 3, 2010

Mystery Japanese pumpkinI bought these awesome winter squash from the 8th st. Farmers Market a couple weeks ago. They are so beautiful and creepy. The farmer claimed that they were some sort of Japanese winter squash but the only similar winter squash online is “Marina di Chioggia “… but all the images are of green or grey flesh and stubby stems… Ill try to find the same guy at the Farmers Market this next week. Till then, if anyone knows what these are please hit me up!
One Mysterious Japanese Pumpkin
Two Mystery Japanese Pumpkins


  1. Chau says:


    I’m a year late to your question, but I think I know what Japanese squash that is. It looks a Yokohama squash or a Chirimen squash. Although it does look like a Marina di Chioggia, it is actually different. :)

  2. Donald says:

    These may well be Marina di Chioggia. While digging around for info on these, one source said they would turn orange when they had been stored for a while.

  3. Heather says:

    I love love LOVE funky pumpkins!! In Dallas they are all expensive because they’ve been driven in from other places, but when I lived in AR I used to drive to a farm that had tons of varieties for cheap. I miss them!!

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