WOOT Headquarters Tour

October 3, 2010

WOOT T shirt screen cleaningA few days ago I had the chance to tour the WOOT headquarters in Carrollton texas. These guys are awesome. If you don’t know the general business model its pretty simple. They sell one item all day until its sold out. The items are usually at an extreme discount and are generally things that people will actually want to buy (like a 52″ flat screen TV recently). They also have Wine WOOT, TShirt WOOT, Kids WOOT, Sellout WOOT and then of course the classic WOOT. On the back end they have a thriving wholesale business that allows them to sell off bulk items that didn’t sell out during their WOOT cycle.
Making T Shirts at WOOT
President of WOOT and our tour group

WOOT Tshirt is a totally in house operation. You can see in the pics that they do all the screen printing and fulfillment themselves. Pretty great system. I asked the VP of marketing how many shirts they run through on any given day; depending on design up to 10k. Pretty impressive.
All around the walls of the tshirt manufacturing center were prints of every shirt Tshirt WOOT has printed. I saw one of mine on the wall… “Yay Broccoli!.”
Yay! Broccoli !
Some Super Green WOOT TShirts

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